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Susan Shehata - the ultimate problem solver | MPLS

Simply put, Susan has helped clear out hidden obstacles in my life I had no f%ln clue were even there. I mean.. that takes real talent….to see the unseen. To care about this work (and me) enough to listen to me spin circles session after session, year after year, and still allow me to come back as a client.  She knows something that most of us do not and, in my eyes, she’s a miracle worker. She changes lives. She’s changed my life. (I mean… I changed my own life by showing up, but could never have done it without her.) These patterns that had formed my thoughts and behaviors for YEARS were not even conscious in my mind. I’d been walking around life without a flashlight frustrated that I was hanging out with friends that didn’t support me, working at a job I hated, and desperately searching for a career calling.

This is not easy work, it’s hard and scary. It can be ugly, sad, angry, happy, eye-opening, and all those other things, but it can also be so beautiful and healing if you can have the guts to show up, and stick around long enough to see the break-throughs. It doesn’t happen overnight, and maybe this is why she’s allowed me to continue coming back all these years after I’ve convinced myself I've driven her batshit crazy spinning circles with my problems.

We've all heard that breakdowns lead to breakthroughs, but now I’ve seen it and understand it. After our 10 series breath-work sessions I’m starting to see how powerful this work is, and how it is so needed in the world. If you have a chance, and want to make real change, and get to know yourself better, SIGN UP FOR A SESSION WITH SUSAN. Maybe there’s a hidden obstacle in your own life you want to discover. Maybe you’re not happy in your job, or your relationships, or with money, or with something else? She’ll pull it out of you. Or maybe you're feeling fine and you want to incorporate more wellness into your life. 

The work might be scary, but in the end, we all fear what we do not understand. If I ever want to understand myself more clearly, or figure out why someone or thing is triggering me, she is my go-to spiritual guru. Not only is she an incredible healer, and a consummate professional, but she is a beautiful soul who is changing lives for the better. We could all use a Susan in our lives!