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87% of Americans do not get their daily minimum requirement of greens.  That's basically all of us!   8greens is an easy way to add more. It’s also a genius way to add more greens into children or family members meals who do not like greens. Dawn Russell is the creator of 8greens.  She was diagnosed with Stage III (of IV) cancer which left her immune system so compromised she couldn't risk chemo.  Her health crisis led to exploration of alternative and integrative medicine, and eventually on to create 8 greens. These tablets taste good in water (or gin) but we can cook with them, adding them to stocks, etc. (there’s a cookbook). There’s no added sugar, no caffeine, no wheat, no dairy, no salt, no preservatives, no allergens, no gluten. They are so damn convenient. Just drop, fizz and sip.

Gina Fabiano | Heal Om | Acupuncture

Gina Fabiano | Heal Om | Acupuncture