Langley Road is the street address in England of the home of my husband's grandmother, Joan.  A truly special women who I bonded with over our mutual love of Japanese culture, and complaining about cold drafts in restaurants.  She passed away at 97, but prior to that, every trip my husband and I took we would find a postcard to send to her at Langley Road. A lost art which we enjoyed.  All travel entries are a proverbial postcard to Langley Road, inspired from and an ode to my family's original globetrotter, and north star, Joan.  

That fondness of Japanese culture which I shared with Joan has been in some way or another sprinkled throughout my life since I was 5.  Ikigai (pronounced Ick-ee-guy) is the Japanese secret to a long and happy life, or a reason to jump out of bed in the morning.  The Japanese island of Okinawa, where ikigai has its origins, is said to be home to the largest population of centenarians in the world.  Ikigai Wellness is a creative outlet for the tools to discover ikigai and a journal of letting go of whatever I thought my life should look like, and leaning towards anything that makes me curious.  It's essentially a pocket full of alternative healers that are gifted beyond belief.

One of the things that made me curious was yoga.  In January 2018 I completed yoga teacher training at Yess Yoga in Minneapolis, where I fell in love with Restorative Yoga.  I'd love an opportunity to share and teach a restorative classes to interested groups. Please feel free to email me at or check under my yoga link for additional information on this wonderful discipline of yoga.