Hi there.  Welcome to Langley Road.

This is a place to connect with healers + wellness for those who seek it, based mostly in Minneapolis. 

If you’ve found this website, the Universe brought you here for a reason - trust her! There might be something in these pages that’s seeking you just as much as you’re seeking it. You manifested it into your life because there’s a part of you that is ready for more growth, more light and love, and deeper connection.  If there's someone featured here that feels right or makes you curious, we encourage you to take a chance and check out their website and make an appointment.  The hope is that it leads you closer to more passion and love in your life.  More importantly, more love for yourself.  It’s a privilege to know these healers, to have worked with them, and to feature them in a way that will hopefully bring others closer to them.


I'm Marie, a connector...

I was craving a new creative outlet and wanted more people to know about the wellness healers (mostly out of Minneapolis) that have helped me.  Mostly, they believed in me when I didn't believe in myself.  They were positive when I was negative.  They were inquisitive when I was insecure.  They asked the questions that even friends and families might feel unsure to ask about. Some of them probably know me better than I know myself by now.  They told me to keep on believing when I had given up hope.  I think everyone deserves people like this in their lives.  If we are really lucky in life, we get time, resources and the desire to heal from traumas we didn't realize (or acknowledge) were there, and to grow from the experience.  To be brave and improve our lives, not through societal pressures, but from seeking within.  To show up for ourselves.  It can sound silly, or be scary/ugly/sad/angry, but it's also really healing and transformative.  I hope everyone gets the privilege to grow, heal and connect with a few of the healers featured here.  Maybe you will find one that calls to you?  I encourage you to call on your intuition, take a leap of faith and believe that the universe brought you here for a reason, as one of these healers featured might be the kick in the pants you seek.

About the name...

Langley Road, is the street address in England of the home of my husband's grandmother, Joan, who passed away a few years ago at 97.  During the decade of knowing her (and growing up without any grandmothers of my own) I bonded with her over a mutual love of Japanese culture, and complaining about cold drafts in restaurants.  My husband and I once interviewed her for a project and when asked what she would most like to be remembered for she replied, "well... simply to be remembered is enough."  So as an ode to a kindred spirit, I named my website in her memory. Every trip my husband and I took we would find a postcard to send to her at Langley Road. A lost art which I enjoyed.  Now, in remembrance of the unspeakably wise Joan, these are my proverbial postcard inspired by, and an ode to mine and my husband's north star, Joan at Langley Road.